Public comments wanted on bullying plan

In accordance with Massachusetts new anti-bullying law, the Franklin School Committee is seeking public comments on its proposed Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan. The plan will be discussed at the next meeting on Tuesday, November 16, 2010 at 7:00 PM.

In addition to the public discussion, the committee is soliciting written comments by e-mail or letter.  For e-mails, please send your comments to:  For letters, please send your comments to:  Franklin School Committee, 355 East Central Street, Franklin, MA 02038.

The public comment period will be open through Thursday, December 9, 2010. The plan will be finalized and voted on at the December 14, 2010 school committee meeting.

Click on the document below to read and review the proposed plan.  If you have trouble viewing documents on Scribd or would like to download a pdf directly, then click here.  Otherwise, you can view the plan below.

You can view more about the plan and the work of Franklin’s anti-bullying task force by clicking here.


2 responses to “Public comments wanted on bullying plan

  1. Daniel Mariconi

    I am a retired school pschologist. See my linkedin page. I have taught conflict management for 30 plus years in California schools, for Glasser Schools and at Oxford, England. Conflict management teaches self responsibility and empathy for others. It addresses the problem of values in students and the bully. Student groups, when selected correctly, changes gang members and bullys alike. I am sadened to see this wonderful resource so bad mouthed in this task force reports and put down because some people don’t know how to effectively use it. Look up Community Boards in San Francisco or Glasser Schools or Google search Conflict management.

  2. The plan is great, but parents actually have to enforce and cooperate with school authorities, etc. to make it work. This doesn’t happen in all areas or schools, sadly, and when comments like “boys will be boys” and the like are made, such words take the power away from the bullied child to have something done about it. Parents NEED to be involved and stop gateway behaviors. This “policing” of behavior should not be solely left up to school authorities.

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