Cyber-bullying video from ABA

The campaign to stop cyber-bullying is properly getting attention in the media and many companies who have jointly produced a  video on the problem of cyber-bullying in schools. The cyber-bullying video below is the first in a series that the American Bar Association, Antitrust Section, through its Public Education Committee, produced to help high school students learn about the harmful effects of bullying. These videos are being funded in part by donations from American companies such as Microsoft Corporation and Time Warner Cable, Inc., and additional fundraising efforts are underway.

Editorial note (5/5/2011):  The original video was reworked after receiving criticism for showing a teen being bullied and deciding to take her life, while her three “mean girl” tormentors were hauled off by police.  The reworked video is shown below:


5 responses to “Cyber-bullying video from ABA

  1. Hi,

    I think that this video is appalling – it tries to change the bullies’ minds about bullying – but the thing that will change the bullies’ minds is realizing that most kids don’t think its cool, and that most kids want the bullying to stop. But my real concern is about the people who are being bullied who see this video. In it they see no support, no help available at all. The video shows the situation of those being bullied as hopeless, which will make those who are feeling bullied feel more hopeless and less powerful. Unless you have very strong evidence that this kind of video will actually influence bullies to stop bullying, I think that you should yank this video and go back to the drawing board.

    thanks for listining,
    Anne Johnson

  2. Yeah, I have to agree with Anne. I appreciate the effort to confront bullying, but this video misses the mark. There is nothing about the bullied getting help or relief. Instead it makes it look like suicide is a good way to get back at your bullies because it makes everyone feel bad and the bullies get arrested right away.

  3. As a therapist who works directly with adolescents and families I see first hand the devastating effects bullying has on all involved- victim, perpetrator, bystanders, families, schools and communities. The ending was abrupt with no hope for anyone.
    I agree with the above statements. Please add resources. There are many.
    it gets

  4. Is there a way to view this video?

  5. I assume you are writing this from site:
    and if so, just scroll up and you can see the video part way down the page. But they have changed it now so it isn’t so bad. I don’t know if there is anywhere that you can see the original video.

    I would have rated the original version as -2 on a scale of 1 to 10. Not just not good, but actually negative. Now it is much better, but I would still rate it only about a 6. I would like to see some videos with examples of effectively dealing with bullying. Perhaps an anti-bullying club at a school. The Fox sitcom Glee has a current story line where two popular kids are starting an anti-bullying effort.

    Some of it requires kids realizing how much power they, as a group, can have. If a large bunch of kids start talking together about how much they don’t like bullying, and then decide that they, as a group, are going to confront bullying, they could do amazing things.

    When I was a freshman in college sophomores would “lake” freshmen. Essentially 4 or 5 sophomores would grab a freshman and throw him in the lake. We had a meeting of freshman and, since the lake was in front of the freshman dorms, we agreed we would sound the alarm if anyone saw someone getting laked. The next time sophomore tried to lake a freshman, they suddenly found themselves surrounded by about a 150 freshmen.

    If, when someone saw someone else getting bullied, by prior agreement they would just yell “Bully!”, and then everyone who didn’t like bullying would come running yelling at the bully to stop, the peer pressure would take care of the bullying. The hard part for this kind of a solution will be getting it started.

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