New software combats cyberbullying

Safe Communications, Inc. has recently announced the introduction of It is the company’s patent pending and secure digital environment for children.

This safeguards them from vulgar, sexual or hounding emails or text messages. If it detects any incoming or outgoing emails or text messages that contain doubtful content, it automatically forwards these mails to a parent to get approval before forwarding it to the child, or else, it will be stopped from going through.

Bill Bennett — former education secretary and former drug czar— has recently become a senior adviser to Safe Communications, whose first product,, is designed to help combat the problems of cyberbullying and sexting.

The way MouseMail works, parents have to first approve who is sending their child texts. They can of course add names any time, but the requirement of parental approval forces parents to be involved, to have that first conversation with their child or children. As for the content of the e-mails and texting, once the parent approves the who, the child can e-mail and text freely, so long as what he is sent, and is sending, is not vulgar language, bullying language, or sexting imagery. If the language goes that way, it is blocked and sent to the parents — for them to approve, or not approve, and go back to having that conversation with their child.

You can learn more about the service by clicking here.


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